Lisa Blackshaw Howell

November 24, 2020

Remote Working Life is Like a Pickle Tray…

Pickle tray

Many of us are adapting well, while others need a little helping hand to ensure all ingredients complement each other nicely. 

How do you do that? 

Poppadoms (1)

Accept the change and be very curious. Sometimes we really think we should be eating 100% healthy all the time, but every now and again it is good to mix it up a bit and add in a few treats. Don’t fight them (as long as they’re not every day), sit back and accept that life is better often when we treat it in a curious way, not always knowing what each bite will bring us. Accept what your team are saying and how business is flowing. Reflect, don’t jump to conclusions, just be interested to see what emerges.

Mango Chutney (2)

Smooth things. Give yourself time to prepare your emotional state and slow the pace down in order to relax and be able to see the wood for the trees. Don’t just react, become very aware of what is being emoted in you from an email, spoken words, a feeling you are getting. This will give you time, just a little, to prepare and work out the best strategy for you as leader. To be agile needs careful preparation. Don’t fall into the trap of being pressurised to immediately respond. Rapid can still occur with a little thought and preparation involved to enable you to see the most appropriate path ahead

Mint raita (3)

Keep the bowl half full, don’t catastrophise or allow others to take you off track. Keep things fresh, like mint, prepare your own digestive to enable your body to minimise heartburn and after-effects of a spicey situation. Keep positive and focus on the way you, your team and business are coping, the small wins, the silver linings. This is a must for developing resilience. Whatever keeps you in this positive frame of mind, do it. This could be daily meditation; focused breathing before a big meeting, positive affirmations; 3 things to be grateful about each morning upon waking; playing an uplifting song; reading purposeful and meaningful words to listening to an audio on remaining strong in the face of adversity etc. Whatever works for you, keep doing it, daily. Everyone has bad days, those who never give up and bounce are the ones who come back stronger using determination and resilience. 

Onion salad (4)

Get support and carry on. None of us are islands. Sometimes a good cry (with or without the aid of an onion!) does the trick. If something is eye wateringly painful, difficult or hard to swallow, chop it up into bite sized chunks and enlist the support of a friend / colleague / external party to enable you to get a different perspective and then be able to carry on. 

Our business motto is: “How do you eat an elephant” – the answer: “In bite-size chunks”. We enable big things to happen through incrementally supporting you, your teams and business to shift small chunks consistently in order to swallow those elephants whole. (Blackshaw-Howell, 2018) 

Lime pickled (5)

Ever tried lime pickle? If you’re like my husband you may even go as far as asking this to be omitted from your order every time!! Is it time to challenge your perspective? Stop doing what you you’ve always done, take a chance, mix it up. My very good Indian colleague taught me long ago that the best way to use a pickle tray is to mix it up. Add a bit of everything onto the poppadom and eat it altogether. Go on, push yourself to be open minded and you never know what you, your team or your business may reap in return. Allow a team members crazy idea to be implemented; listen more than you speak; attend an e-conference to learn more and challenge your usual mode of operandi. I challenge you to do something you wouldn’t normally. 

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”

Victor Frankl

Time to mix up your pickle tray ingredients including (1) to (5) above?

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