Lisa Blackshaw Howell

September 29, 2021

Work productively

Results from leaders during Pandemic uncertainty (Blackshaw Howell 2020 – 21)

What category would you fit into right now? How would you assess your business, leaders, and teams’ productivity?

Uncertainty hasn’t gone away, will it ever? As we push forward to cope with a new normal how do we develop our businesses, lead our people and ourselves? How do we remain productive?

Did you know that productivity is intrinsically linked to morale? With consumer requirements and workplaces shifting and changing so quickly, the normal rules of business cannot be predicted. Innovative and creative thinking are required, opportunistic bold moves as well as ensuring the basics of great business and people management are still maintained. 

Can you hand on heart say that you as a business owner / leader and your workforce are optimally productive right now?

Try this quick assessment:

QuestionAnswer Yes or No
Is everyone clear what productivity means for your business?
Are your employees a happy bunch right now?
Is good morale reflected in your internal engagement feedback? 
Do you think your business can stand the test of time?
Do you have the resilience and agility to keep flexing and adapting to meet ever changing needs?
Have you spoken to your people? 
Have you just kept you head down and continued as normal?     
Have you spoken to your suppliers and customers about their level of satisfaction with your business?
Have any changes you’ve put in place made the difference you wanted?
Is your competitive edge in a good place?


If you answered No to the majority: Are you hoping that working hard, keeping your head down and pushing through will do the trick? Do you believe this? Are you burying yours and your employees’ heads in the sand? Are your business and its people in need of a shake up, refocus and some va voom injecting into it? 

If you answered a mixture of Yes’s and No’s: Are you trying some new practices of hybrid-working and responding quickly to customer requirements quickly but feeling rudderless? Does it feel like everyone is saying the right things and have the best intentions but feel a bit like you’re all hoping on a wish and a prayer that this will maintain success and morale?

If you answered Yes to the majority to: You have a clear business plan, strategic and financial objectives and your marketing plans are routine and working well to enable you to achieve your short-, medium- and longer-term goals. You have clarity over operational and people processes, these are agreed and intrinsically understood at a value level?  You and your people have the freedom to fail, to be creatives, to take ownership and try out new ideas. You are supported and know you are agile and adaptable to cope with whatever is thrown at you at all levels. 

Being supported and developing sustainable and flexible balanced business practices (People, Customer, Finance / Operations) is key to responsiveness. Ensuring communication and engagement happens naturally and can develop with your business model as well as the skills, resources and development required to keep pace. “This enables productivity and morale that maintain competitive edge, keep resources motivated and switched on and offer business buoyancy particularly during time of uncertainty” (Blackshaw Howell, 2021). 

Not only is this way of operating great for business productivity and employee morale, but it’s also good for organisational and staff wellbeing leading to quality inside and outside the workplace. What happens in the workplace (virtual or otherwise), is we take back and share in our homelives.

“Doing the right things for the right reason in the right way is the key to Quality of Life!” Stephen R Covey

Is it time for a business, leader, team, or employee check in for you and your organisation? Need a little support to get you started and maintain momentum? 

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