Lisa Blackshaw Howell

June 4, 2021

To mirror back your authenticity and vulnerability?

Unleash the mask

Now is the time to transform and make the biggest changes you have ever made in your career & life coming out of lockdown to create your new normal.

What do you really want to reveal and stop hiding?   


You want to make sure you are giving off the impression that you want people to embrace.

Are you?

First impressions mean so much. As we enter back into the workplace and social settings what is the impression you want to make, beyond zoom, teams and the phone?

First and foremost, understand there is no good or bad. One look is not better than the other. It’s all about authenticity and being true to who you are, vulnerable and willing to acknowledge this to others. Unique is the way forward, for you at home; in work; as a leader; a business owner; entrepreneur; colleague; friend; partner etc; whatever culture or situation you’re in. Is the real you always shining through? 

It can be exhausting to wear a false mask, to have to get your ‘face on’ once again, especially if you haven’t had to do face to face interactions for a long while…


What has removing your mask taught you during lockdowns? What aspects will remain and be revealed now as you step into the new normal. A normal that won’t ever be like it was before …


These are the colours traditionally associated with masquerade masks – which mask have you been wearing that you would like to remove, and which reflects the true you? Which aspects of the vulnerable and authentic you do you want to reveal, keep, drive forwards and / or mirror back to the world?

  • Red Masquerade Masks show you are energetic and vigorous and are good if you’d like people to take some risk. Red is also a colour of dominance, power, attention, and sexuality.
  • Gold Masquerade Masks symbolize illumination, wisdom, prestige, and class. Great for showing people you have been through the hoops and earned your place in the world.
  • Silver Masquerade Masks show people you are classy, prestigious, and scientific.
  • Green Masquerade Masks make people feel calm and confident, and can connote power, class, strength and conservatism in you. And if you wear a brighter green mask, people may think you are a little more casual and sporty.
  • White Masquerade Masks show you are virtuous, fertile, clean, and of high status. Good if you would like others to feel you have high aspirations and confidence.
  • Pink Masquerade Masks will show people you are upbeat, in good health and friendly.
  • Blue Masquerade Masks show you are loyal and trustworthy. Blue is the colour of calmness, and some studies show that those who surround themselves with blue are more likely to think creatively. A great colour for moments when you are on the spot and really have to impress someone.
  • Black Masquerade Masks can symbolize many personality traits including elegance, authority, dignity, sophistication, mystery, and seduction.
  • Purple Masquerade Masks give off the impression you are creative and expressive. Good for showing others you are a deep and original thinker.
  • Orange Masquerade Masks tell people you are willing to take action. They also show you’re happy, courageous, enthusiastic and successful. A happy colour that will easily invite people to converse with you.

So, what will it be for you?


The BHC team worked through and out of the 2008 financial crisis with individuals; business leaders, teams and organisations to support transformational change in many contexts. We can guide and support you with business consulting and / or a coach in your corner to work through these times, whatever your particular needs. We look forward to discussing your bespoke and unique requirements with our complementary 45-minute consultation. To enable the real you to reflect outwards in a way that supports your values, visions and intentions. There has never been a better time than now to make that change happen. Book your call with / +44 7968 097052.

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