Lisa Blackshaw Howell

August 24, 2020

Leadership like never before : Unlock your team’s infinite potential 

Beating executive stress after lockdown

Let go of the old! Bring in the new!

What have your reflections since March 2020 shown you? Were the things that drove you as a leader and as a person truly nurturing you? Have you always been an authentic leader and been following your true calling in life? By being all that we can be, that is when we are able to find the fulfilment and satisfaction for which we are longing for at work and in life. Is it time to re-evaluate your priorities before you move too much further down the path you are currently on? Is work and life feeling a little bit like it did before lockdown? Have you slipped back into patterns that you vowed not to just a few months ago? 

During these uncertain and shifting times it is essential to keep an open mind and let you heart and mind lead you, to ensure you do not miss the world of opportunity knocking at your door right now.

As a leader have you felt almost like you are on the front lines in all your endeavours and tasks? Is now the time to forcefully defend your right to give work and life a shot, no matter what the risks, no matter what others believe, is it your time to push through and be the leader in the whole of your life?

Would an Executive, Business, Career or Life Change Coach enable you to stop, contemplate and ensure you are supported to stride forward strongly and powerfully in your chosen direction of travel, not remain on the treadmill and bear the weight of your usual path? At Blackshaw Howell Consulting we have global, multi-lingual coaches ready to enable you to take the first and next steps you envision. Would you like to own your future and formulate a plan that not only works for you but transforms your onward path? Start by asking yourself the following questions: 

Explore : Do you fully understand yourself? Are you truly fulfilled and reaching your leadership and life goals and dreams?

Change : Would you like to rediscover the path you would like to be following to harness the leader and life you vision and make this a reality?

Embed : Do you have a clear plan and strategy to reach your goals and dreams, to regulate and really make them happen …continually? 

Transform : Is it time for you to invest in you, take control and lead your work and life with certainty?

Continue to be fearless in the face of adversity, THE TIME IS NOW, FOR YOU.

What’s Going On at Blackshaw Howell Consulting Ltd This Month

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Be part of the future we are creating

Be part of the future we are creating. Join our research community and complete the Pivot 2 Thrive questionnaire – collating data on how we cope in life and work during uncertainty. Thank you for taking the time during these uncertain times, we are extremely grateful for your involvement. Keep well, be kind, together we can Pivot 2 Thrive.

  • 121 Executive, Business, Career or Life Change Coaching Sessions – visit our shop for our latest offers to Explore, Change, Embed and Transform your work and life –
  • Global Network Group Launch. We launched a group of like-minded consultants, psychologists, specialists, and exceptional coaches and are excited to see where this journey takes us as a collective and what emerges … watch this space. 😊