Lisa Blackshaw Howell

October 28, 2020

Or Is It A New Season, Same Old, Same Old?

Break away from the herd

When lockdown first happened, I reacted in an instinctive way. Some of my colleagues took the opportunity to slow down or stop and ponder for a while. This was right for them. It wasn’t right for me. I see uncertainty as an opportunity. A chance to re-think, re-wire, jolt out of old habits and build on what was to incrementally shift up a gear through learning, perspective and operating amidst doubt of self; family; work, community. My mind was wurring not only on these levels but on national and global ones. The time …… was definitely Now. But for what? The clarity and answers I was seeking were very unclear! The journey towards them ….. that was the important part. 😊 

This is what I did and I’d like to share 3 success generator tips for continued personal, work/organisational, and community/national / global success with you:

  1. Do what is emoted inside you, don’t think, re-think and think yourself out of it

What I did:

  • I set up a community support group – instinct told me it was the right thing to do at the right time. This made me feel like I was helping others and sharing my skills and energy. This made me feel good, do what was needed in my community and made me feel connected and useful. 
  • I launched some research – I was part way through writing a book and thought this was an ideal opportunity to include some research, why not – a global pandemic was certainly an opportunity that hadn’t cropped up in my lifetime or was likely to again – I seized the moment. This research is in it’s second wave and is proving invaluable in terms of insights for my book in a way I had never imagined it would do prior to Covid-19. 
  1. Take a risk – don’t take the easy comfortable route, dreams don’t happen by chance

What I did

  • I developed my online presence. I had dabbled but not really pursued this avenue for my busines. I collaborated with a person who I felt understood me and shared my value set. I put trust in an unknown venture, I collaborated. I didn’t know if I could fund this ongoing. Working with this person gave me new insight, new wisdom, and support at a time of great uncertainty. It also enabled me to leverage opportunities in a world changing the way it operated. 
  1. Be open minded, look at the world with what is being presented to you and in the context in which it is emerging

What I did

  • I set up conversations and webinars where opportunities presented themselves. I said yes to everything and was open minded to what was emerging. 
  • I set up a Global Networking Group. through a request for a life change coach speaking a different language, I sought connections through my network. This led to meeting some amazing human beings around the globe. 

I have always operated on the premise of taking incremental bite sized chunks to enable myself and my clients to eat elephants. A global pandemic is a big beast. The Time Was And Is Now for those with the appetite, like myself to continually dream huge, be open-minded and inclusive, to incrementally keep taking bite-sized personal, family, community, business, national and global sized bites, and steps. Together we can be greater and smash not only our own goals and dreams but enable each other to journey forward together. 

Find yourself frozen, stuck, immobilised. Feeling angry, blaming others, expecting things to return to how they were? Going round in circles? Time for a change?

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