Lisa, BHC Founder and her team are not only business coaches in Harrogate & District and the Yorkshire region but they also work with clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

What is Business Coaching to BHC?

Our coaches have many years broad business experience and are highly qualified, leader and executive coaching professionals. These attributes enable us to offer unique specialists with proven track records in empowering individuals to achieve their ambitions, goals and dreams within their own and others businesses at any stage of development and need.

Whether you're a business owner, a business leader or an individual looking to start a business, our experienced business coaches are here to work with you.

They are trained in developing your business skills, improving your focus and mindset, and providing you with the relevant holistic tools to enable you to adapt to change, build resilience and realise your ambitions now to build a strong foundation for long term success.

Our programmes are bespoke to each individual and are designed to align with your values, motivations and aspirations.

Business Coaching Yorkshire

How Business Coaching benefits our clients

Our business coaches can help you with all aspects of achieving and exceeding business ambitions and balancing these with your life goals. Some key areas would include:

  • Developing your unique business and your individual requirements
  • Becoming the leader of your business and life
  • Developing an authentic leadership style
  • Building on leadership skills, knowledge, and attributes
  • Improving focus and motivation
  • Driving towards clearer goals and dreams
  • Improving business success indicators
  • Developing effective processes that work for you
  • Building personal awareness of values and drivers
  • Overcoming FEARs (False Evidence Appearing Real) to achieve the dream (i.e. public speaking; letting go of past processes no longer serving you well etc.)
  • Unlocking potential with your business and life

BHC Coaching Approach & Process


"Lisa provides business coaching with a human touch. I looked forward to her regular 121 sessions as a means of taking a step back from the BAU, to regain perspective and take stock. She worked on many different levels. sometimes getting me to look to the longer term future or at other times simply giving me a different perspective on an ongoing situation."

Lorraine Ferris

"Lisa has helped me immensely with my business. She has some great ideas and strategies which I've used to grow my business, get new clients and increase my profits. I would therefore highly recommend Lisa to any business wanting to improve and be more successful."

Craig Nicholson

Unlock your business potential and start living the life of your dreams