Lisa Blackshaw Howell

February 22, 2022

Having the impetus, courage, and determination to actually get moving towards our goals and dreams is often hard to get started. We all know that crash diets never last, so too, it is true, that trying to achieve our heartfelt desires, hopes and ambitions is nye on impossible often in one small step, attempt or even one giant leap of faith. These often leave us even more demoralised than we did before and keep us in a never-ending cycle of the status-quo, our known experience, which makes us feel cosy and secure, and allows inertia to thrive. The good news is there are tools and techniques to help us on the way. These can enable us to feel more alive, have more choices and, motivation, increased peace of mind, vitality, sense of purpose, inner happiness and a feeling of abundance and flow day to day. 

We arrive then at the pivotal Question:

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Changing our behaviours, mindset, belief systems and habits is ever so difficult, even tiny shifts, unless you unequivocally abide by the simple Answer: In Bite Sized Chunks. 

Why Are Our Elephants So Difficult to Eat?

The elephant, even baby elephants, are not small! They are noticeable and memorable for their large bulk; weighty majestic presence; giant round footprints; quiet yet authoritative presence, glinting all-knowing eyes; thudding, rhythmic gait; constant searching; snuffling and snorting trunks manoeuvring around like unwieldy hoover hoses; tunnelling tusks lifting; moving and stripping and warding off predators with out of proportion tails that swot pesky flies away and air conditioning ears using movement to send messages to the other herd members. 

In other words, they are just like all the goals and dreams we hold about our work and lives that we struggle to tackle in incremental Bite Sized Chunks. Why? Because they are large; hang heavy around us; are bulky to manoeuvre; evoke our fears about even the smallest notion of change and bore into our souls triggering annoying defeatist voices suspending and sabotaging us from any momentum. We act like hoovers depositing our used decaying dust and rubbish particles regularly but searching around the same old, same old ready to flee from hints of threats and distractions in our everyday worlds in a heartbeat. We increasingly believe that we cannot possibly tackle larger uncertain scenarios. Paralysed in a greyness we create, we continue sticking to the known, not daring to tunnel, lift and move towards the dazzling array of treasures full of rich nutrients and goodness, even greatness hidden from the surface.

Why Have A Transformational Business Coach?

The good news is, you can develop and learn the tools and techniques that will enable you to build up your incremental, bespoke, and unique Chunk It Up Pivot2Thrive plan (rather than just continuing to survive…). Blackshaw Howell Consulting coaches do not prescribe a one size fits all methodology. A personalised approach to deliver you a unique toolbox that works for you and your style. Bite sized chunks and nibbles await you to tantalise your motivations and thirst for ever increasing purposeful actions, mindset and belief shifts which take on their own bulk and colourful success story memories. Transformational Business Coaching will take you on a journey that you will never forget to the point of making you wonder why you hadn’t started your very own impressionable elephant steps long before now. To the point of picking up speed to striding straight towards creating the true freedom in work and life that YOU choose. 

Start now. Start where you are, with what you have. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling but start.

Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just… start.


Is it time for you to take a few small steps to make some big goals and dreams happen? Time to enable your business; your teams and yourself to pick up speed with support? If so, we’d love to hear from you. For a complementary 40-minute consultation please contact: / / or call our international team of transformational business, career, and life change coaches on: +44 7968 097052