Lisa Blackshaw Howell

January 13, 2021

Why not learn how to Pivot2Thrive…

Digging around in the cold
Digging around in the cold trying to unearth something but not sure what? Or are you certain what you are going to find?

We find ourselves well into January 2021, the start of a New Year that we all had hope for and brighter times. Alas, constant change, uncertainty and ‘uncontrollables’ continue for all of us in many ways around the globe.

However, amidst all of this, BHC research based around the 2020 lockdowns highlighted that whilst we have a mentality of ‘getting by’ which is clearly very real for many at this time, making a mental choice to pivot towards thriving is shown to be a positive choice that can enable thriving in the face of uncertainty. The good news is that we can all learn to react and act in this way.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t have some down hours, days, weeks or even months depending on our personal circumstances and in some very sad cases, have grieving periods. The research indicates that it’s not what happens to us, what life, work and global pandemics even thrust upon us, but how we choose to react and which direction we choose to pivot in the face of these. 

Lisa Howell, the founder of BHC started writing pivot2thrive to collate her life’s work, as a toolkit resource for others to draw from. The heart of pivot2thrive being her natural fascination with human behaviour and how we react in different situations. At BHC, as a team of psychologists, coaches, consultants and wellbeing professionals we decided to do our own research at the time of the initial lockdown in 2020, to feed emerging trends and findings into the book. These we wanted to use to further develop programmes and provide relevant information to help individuals, leaders, teams and organisations build agile resilience and pivot options for the future.

Emerging Research Findings 

Key enablers found in those who tend to pivot 2 thrive during uncertainty:

  • 71.2% feel in control of situations and events 
  • 97% think they could find solutions to most problems
  • 87.8% immediately turn thoughts to what can be done to resolve things in a difficult situation
  • 79% collaborate to realise their goals
  • 85.7% wake up often and feel grateful for all the things they have right now in their lives 
  • 84.8% feel positive about the future

Notice the mindset and emotional states. Those who felt less consistency during these times and struggled to stay present indicated lower scores whilst coping with uncertainty. 

Would you like to know how to consistently switch your mind and emotions so they are pivoted towards feeling in control, no matter what life and work are throwing at you? BHC can get you into the higher percentage states of thought and emotion as shown above. After all: 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t … you’re usually right” Henry Ford

  • At BHC we believe in eating elephants, not whole but in incremental bite sized chunks. This is one of our simple and quick to use techniques. We see results immediately for the people we work with. If you would like to be supported to stride into and indeed pivot2thrive throughout 2021 as a business owner, leader, individual seeking change, develop your organisations culture to transform in this way and take back control, then we have many packages and coaching options to meet your needs.
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  • If you would like to be part of our ongoing pivot2thrive research then we would be delighted if you could spend 5 minutes completing this questionnaire: 

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