Lisa Blackshaw Howell

April 6, 2023

I am so proud to be part Trust Networking Group to make our first charitable donation of 2023, to Project Youth Cancer.

As a ‘not-for-profit’ networking group, our membership fees accumulate in a pot which we then vote on how to allocate to local charities & causes.

The work Project Youth Cancer do, struck a chord with many of us, and we are so pleased we have been able to make this donation which will pay for bespoke counselling sessions for 4 young people with a cancer diagnosis, which is just incredible.

TRUST Networking, were also proud to make our second charitable donation to Zarach charity. The work Zarach do is life-changing to many, they are charity committed to helping children and families who are living in poverty crisis. By partnering with schools, they help tackle bed poverty in the Leeds City Region (& beyond), by providing bed bundles to children living in poverty, and without the essentials to have a good night’s sleep. Their ‘Every Head a Bed’ commitment helps ensure all children have somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep with good, consistent access to healthy and nutritious food in order for them to succeed at school.

A Zarach Bed Bundle includes a brand-new Bed, Mattress, Duvet, Pillow, Bed Sheets, Pyjamas and Hygiene Kit. Our donation will go towards 10 of these bundles, meaning 10 children will have a safe place to sleep, thanks to our members. A further proportion of the money donated, will go towards to Zarach’s Food Club to ensure children that need it, get access to nutritious meals and breakfasts, to help them thrive at school.

As a ‘not-for-profit’ networking group, we have been able to make these donations thanks to the accumulation of our membership fees throughout the year, which we then allocate to charities like Project Youth Cancer and Zarach, who are doing incredible work.

To find out more about Zarach, and discover ways you can help too, please visit: and Project Youth Cancer www.