Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell - Founder, Business Change Consultant, Psychological Coach, Facilitator, Wellbeing Mentor & Speaker

Lisa is an Organisational Development Change Consultant working on transformation projects and change programmes developing bespoke strategy, approach, methodologies and tools. She combines this with team facilitation, executive, career and life coaching of senior execs, business owners and individuals wanting to transition their companies and lives.

Lisa’s expertise lies in her ability to deliver client requirements against complex situations whilst taking the leaders and people involved with her. Lisa uses a refreshing yet challenging and sometimes mindful approach, pushing boundaries where she doesn’t let you off the hook, to rebalance and review, to ensure the end goal is always driven towards.

Lisa uses her psychology and business knowledge together with her wealth of multi-sector experience, down to earth, authentic, holistic and balanced people approach as a foundation to enable individuals, teams and organisations to live their purpose and make the very best of what they have, to achieve and exceed their aspirations.

MBA; BSc (hons) Psychology; PGCert Snr Prac. Business & Exec. Coaching (EMCC); MCIPD; MBTI Prac; Dip NLP; MBSR Prac.

Graeme Taylor

Graeme Taylor - Leadership Consultant, Facilitator, Coach & Professional Mountaineer

Graeme is an experienced facilitator, consultant, team coach and mentor. His specialities are consulting on Organisational Development (OD), building high-performance executive teams, executive coaching and mentoring high net worth executives. He believes that a no-nonsense direct approach combined with understanding and great positivity brings lasting success. ‘Let’s cut to the chase……’

Graeme has a wealth of experience in facilitating organisation across various sectors to achieve their audacious goals and overcome complex and volatile challenges.

Graeme has a passion for developing people and himself. His warm personality, skills and enthusiasm drive raised awareness, responsibility and positive action. Wherever he goes and whomever he meets he leaves a lasting impression.

BSc (hons), Executive Coach, Facilitator, Leadership Specialist & Professional Mountaineer

Mike Jones

Mike Jones - Consultant, Facilitator, Coach & Psychological Safety Specialist

Mike’s leadership skills and knowledge are grounded in an 18-year career in the British Army where he served six tours of Afghanistan and Iraq, leading troops on the front line in areas and situations of extreme hostility. Knowing how to build the psychological safety and trust required to survive these scenarios led Mike to go on and be invited to teach the next generation of Officer-level military leadership at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

These experiences, accompanied by a Masters in Occupational Psychology, have given Mike an exceptional background in leadership and creating the right cultural environments for people, teams and organisations to thrive.
With a deep interest in people follow others to perform optimally, Mike is passionate about helping create the right environment for leaders and teams to be successful.

Today he works with teams across sports and business to encourage, develop and drive the capability of each team member to achieve their potential in service of wider organisational goals. Mike uses a tailored approach to culture, leadership and team development which puts the unique situation at the heart of the solution.

MSc (hons) Occupational Psychology, Facilitations, Psychological Safety, Emotional Intelligence specialist

Jan Brause

Jan Brause - Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor & Facilitator

Jan loves enabling senior leaders, business owners, individuals and coaches to excel in their roles and to inspire and engage those around them. Her interests are in working with those in transition and supporting the building of resilience, mindfulness and compassion in our work.

Jan has experience of working with groups and individuals from a range of backgrounds and cultures in the UK and overseas. Her personal style and values are rooted in a collaborative approach to developing high performance cultures and maximising personal and organisational potential.

Jan includes a combination of a down to earth pragmatic style and application of creative processes that stretch individuals out of there comfort zone. Her approach to understanding human capability is to work with past history to inform and shape future potential.

Her coaching clients are often executives, leaders or individuals who are looking for new meaning and purpose in their professional or personal lives, who want to stretch themselves or who need some space to work through significant issues.

FCIPD, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Hudson Accredited Coach, CSA Accredited Coach Supervisor , Member of the Association of Coaching and Association of Coaching Supervisors, MBPsS, Founder member of the Coaching Psychology Sub Group, NCFE Diploma in Performance Coaching, MTQ48 Licensed Facilitator, CTT Certified Consultant Barrett Values Centre

Karen Hayward

Karen Hayward - Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA England), Therapist, Coach and Columnist

Karen is a passionate trainer of Mental Health First Aid courses, both online and face-to-face. She brings many of her own, lived experiences to the training and is a beacon of hope for good recovery. Having worked in both the public and private sectors, SMEs and large, multi-national corporations, she is able to adapt the training to suit specific environments.

She works with businesses to develop and deliver positive mental health solutions across their workforce and regularly contributes articles on mental health to local publications.

She runs two separate therapy clinics, specialising in trauma, anxiety and depression and when coaching, uses hypnotherapy to remove the barriers that are holding clients back from fulfilling their aspirations.

MHFA England Instructor & Member, CHH, GQHP, BWRT Dip., Cert. NLPS, Dip. SCT, BLAST Prac.

Lisa Duffield

Lisa Duffield - Wellbeing Consultant, Hypnotherapist, Mindset Coach & Speaker

Unlocking the door to human understanding, development and potential.

Lisa is fascinated with the study of the mind; what makes some people happier and more contented than others, why some people appear to be more resilient to situations than others and why mental health has such an impact on an individual’s physical health.
Focusing on both the physical and mental health together can make a huge impact on a person’s overall wellbeing.

Gaining a wealth of experience working on a 1-2-1 basis, in groups and with businesses, she has helped people gain a clearer understanding of the mind, removing the stigma attached to mental health. Her techniques include wellbeing, mindfulness, life coaching, emotional intelligence, CBT, hypnotherapy, NLP and nutrition.
As a passionate, caring professional therapist, specialising in all aspects of health and wellbeing, Lisa helps clients deal with the challenges of modern-day life be it stress, anxiety, illness, trauma and grief to name but a few. She will enable individuals to create an improved work life balance.

Her natural skills at putting a client at ease and problem solving have resulted in having a positive impact on people’s lives. She shows great empathy and understanding of how issues affect each individual in a different way.

What really inspires Lisa is seeing people achieve balance and resilience.

Blackshaw Howell Consulting is proud to work in conjunction with The Lisa Duffield Centre – “Creating an environment to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace and at home so that everyone can achieve their full potential.”

Dip CHH, Cert NLP , Dip SCT, Dip EMDR, BLAST Practitioner

Rebecca Papworth

Rebecca Papworth - Creative Producer & Executive Coach

Over 20 years of experience in the Broadcasting sector. Working within large corporate organisations and small independent companies at senior level often on high profile projects with large teams and multi-million pound budgets she has developed a raft of skills and insights around recruiting, retaining talent, managing systems, building teams, creativity in the workplace and delivery under pressure.

She brings this knowledge and experience into her work coaching teams and individuals. She is particularly interested in Women in Business and the unique challenges and opportunities that exist.

Member of Bafta, Women in Film and Television and is on the Northern Power Women Power List

Sarah Bryson

Sarah Bryson - Consultant, Leadership Coach & Team Facilitator

Sarah has been leading and developing people in the private sector for over 18 years. She now draws on this experience as a Leadership Coach and Team Facilitator. She has an exuberant and powerful coaching style, as well as a wealth of experience in all areas of leadership.

Sarah builds strong and lasting relationships with her clients and creates a safe and open space for them to deepen their understanding of their business and the people within it, giving them the opportunity to navigate their way through challenges and give them to tools move forward with their goals.

She is passionate about the role of coaching and facilitation in business and has personally experienced the lifelong impact of effective transformational coaching.

Her humour, humility and energy, together with her expertise in delivering powerful techniques, enable people to thrive in a complicated world.

BA (hons) International Hospitality Management; Accredited Foundation Executive Coach and a member of (AC).

Klaus Shmitt


Klaus, native German, has been working between Europe and China for more than 30 years. Currently, he lives in Shanghai for the past 16 years and is fascinated by different cultures and how to connect to people.

He believes in life-long learning and development as well as being accountable for oneself and one’s environment. Through his work as a coach and a professionnal trainer his mission in life is to support people to raise their awareness and help them to make meaningful changes.

Klaus's strengths are in excellent listening and rapport building skills, empathy, cross-cultural competence, logical thinking and objective analysis. These support his clients toward self-discovery, creating more self-awareness to position ones roles in life, and to make challenging commitments to move forward.

PCC Coach ICF, IECL Cert Executive Coach, Cert NLP, Cert DISC, Sinologist M.A.

Lorraine Ferris

Lorraine Ferris - Leader, Change Consultant, Environmental & Chemical Specialist, Coach & Mentor

Lorraine has been leading teams and implementing change in international companies for over 20 years.

She has spent much of her career working in technical companies encompassing environmental, chemicals and medical fields where she developed the capacity to integrate people, technical and commercial aspects of business to bring about change.

She recently stepped down from a managing directorship and is currently focussed on developing others and writing a novel. She is an assessor on the Women’s Leadership Development Programme at the Said Business School, Oxford, where she gains inspiration from the strength and diversity of the participants from across the globe.

She likes to work in a friendly and relaxed manner and finds great joy in the progress of people she has coached to reach greater fulfilment.
As an Associate of IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment), she is passionate about sustainability and is a very proud owner of a Nissan Leaf electric car!

BSc (hons) Chemistry; PhD Physical Chemistry; Associate of IEMA

John Gibson

John Gibson – Chartered Management Accountant, Director & Coach

John has over 40 years of extensive experience Accounting, Tax and Compliance within various sectors and size of organisations. He became a Fellow of his institute (CIMA) in 1992 and set up his own business (Accountants with a Difference Ltd) in 2005.

The key Difference with John, as an accountant, is that he cares and wants to build a true business relationship with all his clients.
He goes above and beyond always, responding to queries super efficiently and explaining in simple terms about all aspects of accounting that accompany running a Limited business entails by allaying worries and knowing that you are in safe and professional hands.

John suggests more cost efficient avenues to consider, is always looking ahead at what is changing and providing up-to-date advice and information. He is a lovely, personable professional to work with and I would highly recommend his many years of experience and expertise to anyone.

BSc (hons) Mathematics, FCMA, CGMA, MIP

XPS Solutions

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