Lisa Blackshaw Howell

December 13, 2017

Generosity is a mindset, a belief that we have enough and can share.
Most people have heard of gratitude and do affirmations every morning. Try 3 each morning as you wake remind yourself what you have to be grateful for.

However not many people realise that generosity is closely linked to gratitude. By having a generosity mindset, it not only reinforces all that we have in abundance in our lives but makes us feel great about sharing these things.

So this month give your generosity a work-out by:

  • giving some precious time to a friend or family member in need who you’ve not found time for, give a card with a special message, a treat or meal or some of your time and a listening ear
  • offer kind words spontaneously at least once a day to someone you come into contact with i.e. those shoes look fabulous or thank you so much for assisting me etc.
  • do a simple act that could help someone to make a step forward or overcome a difficulty when we start to behave like we have enough to give and can share our mind set is working for us! You never know someone might be there to help when you need it most :)