Lisa Blackshaw Howell

September 22, 2020

If you are like many of our followers, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the new announcements and changes.
A lot of organisations are fighting to adapt to change, I think it is safe to say that most of us feel like we are on a constant roller-coaster. 


Just when we think everything is under control, we have more new processes in place, teams have been restructured, different jobs have been created to adapt to our “New Normal”….. Then we are suddenly hit with another announcement and new changes have to be made. 

So, what now? Do we have to start all over again? Where do we start? 

If these are the questions you are asking yourself, don’t worry you are not alone, by the end of this blog I will give you a clearer solution on how to deal with change.  

It is important to know that change is one thing in life that is inevitable, we face changes every day, they sometimes just come dressed up differently. I agree that we have never faced changes quiet as dramatic as these, however as a business you have the ability to transform your business, your people and come out stronger than ever before. 

Transformational Change Management 

It is quite easy for your leaders, senior executives and project managers to over think things and really struggle when it comes to change. This is understandable when they work within the business every day, they are also experiencing the shift and changes within the organisation. If organisations do not recognise this, they are often left behind and the changes that were expected become non-existent. 

Which is why Transformational Change Management is the solution to dealing with change within organisations. 

At Blackshaw Howell Consulting we use this strategy with many organisations to ensure all changes are incrementally and effectively achieved, and that all processes and ways of working are aligned to the cultural transformation you are seeking. Most importantly this is driven by and engaged with by your people to ensure you all achieve the desired new world. This ensures you are agile and have competitive advantage to change and adapt during ongoing uncertain times, and way beyond.

What is involved in Transformational Change Management? 

In short, a team of highly skilled professionals work with you to create a bespoke Transformational Change strategy, they have an initial five-step process to ensure a structured plan and implementation methodology is created.  

Initial five step assessment process: 

  • UNDERSTAND : Cultural vision, strategy & structure
  • DEVELOP : Leadership capability & style
  • IDENTIFY : Skills & competencies of your people
  • ASSESS : Core Business Processes
  • ALIGN : Systems & Values

These steps are carefully assessed and a strategy is then designed to ensure your organisation can transformed in the most efficient and effective way! 

Our team work with you every step of the way to understand, evaluate and implement required step changes to create your desired future state.

If you would like more information on how Transformational Change Management can help your business then please contact me directly on