We define community as:

‘Sharing or having certain attitudes, values and interests in common’.

- Blackshaw Howell Consulting, 2017

Our community involvement spans a broad range of people, groups & events, which enable us to utilise our skills, knowledge, expertise and shared values locally and around the globe.

Often, we are privileged to work with people who wouldn’t normally be able to access such interventions, support and experiences.

In offering these we hope to continually reach and enable people from all walks of life, going through times in their life when such interventions can help them to take a breath and small steps forward.

How do you eat an elephant

Eat Those Elephants…

Our business motto is: “How do you eat an elephant” - the answer: “In bite-size chunks” (taken from Creighton Abrams, 1972).

We are human beings with ever changing needs individually and collectively.

We have seen that by taking small steps forward, flexing and developing some mental wellbeing mechanisms, that as we look back, we quickly observe how far we’ve come and the progress we’ve made.

Unlike a crash diet, our approach enables us to be ready and armed to incrementally thrive, or as we like to say, ‘live mind – fully’, ready for yet another beautiful sunshiny day.

What we do in our community

We collaborate with many experts to deliver one off, bespoke and ongoing projects.

Collaborating on long term partnerships is at the heart of how we operate, knowing that together, we can do so very much more than alone.

Some examples of our community ‘Glocal’ work:

Global Netwroking Group (GNG)

Launched in summer 2020 as requests for multilingual global executive; business; career; and life change coaches was made. Additionally, cultural awareness and organisational change support has been sought. This has been due to increased numbers of cultures coming together to work on projects and in teams than ever before as the world during and as we emerge from the pandemic, has become even more accessible with home working and enabling technology. With this comes a need for more understanding and knowledge of difference in order to creating new and unique teams and cultures that can serve customers, strategic and community interests even more fully going forwards.

The GNG meets monthly spanning Asia, North America; USA; Europe and the UK. The network is a not-for-profit group serving the interests of its members to develop relationships; understand challenges and opportunities linked to people, community, business interests and increasing knowledge in a joined-up way to meet global and local needs more effectively.

Local: Breaking out programme


An initiative executed in conjunction with the Education & Skills Agency / European Union Social Funding to retrain long term unemployed inidividuals through a BHC bespoke ‘Breaking Out’ Programme.

‘It was great working with you, you gave me lots to think about. I now have hope about the future’

Personal development tasters

Mindfulness events to enable outreach to individuals and families with long term mental health and family issues. Giving tools and techniques to support day to day coping and build longer term coping strategies.

‘Thank you for making me feel normal, to be able to breathe again, to get off the treadmill and noise in my mind for a little while’

Retreat days

Bringing together specialists to provide one-off community events through collaboration with a variety of different organisations in order to reach individuals without the means or opportunity normally to experience a ’step away’ from the daily grind.

Delivery of therapeutic tasters include: fully clothed massage; reflexology; reiki; yoga; psychotherapy; hypnotherapy tools and techniques; mindfulness / BEing; meditation exercises and techniques through to nutritional lunches; snacks and drinks and sensory oils as well as peer-group coaching.

'Today was a great respite from every day and family life and challenges. It was very gentle and kind to everyone. It was a real gift to be given this day and I hope others will have the same chance to be supported this way. I feel it will make a practical difference and gave me some more coping strategies to use. Thanks You.’

'Left my troubles at home, learnt to listen more time for yourself and well run by caring, genuine experts, meeting others – everyone has troubles but sharing helps so much, thank you very much.'