Ambition | Perseverance | Initiative | Entrepreneurial | Courage | Adaptability | Fun | Enthusiasm | Creativity | Wellbeing

Power of ten

Ambition - achieving global business outreach and ROI (Refreshing Outcomes & Insights for clients and organisations every time) against business plan with unlimited potential

Perseverance - where there's a will there’s a way and knowing when to change course

Initiative - thinking around situations and client relationships to maximise opportunities and long term outcomes

Entrepreneurial - seeking out interesting and lucrative new opportunities, collaborations and networking opportunities globally

Courage - determination and resilience to keep achieving and continually developing the Mission and Vision

Adaptability - flexibility to meet changing and uncertain contexts to the benefit of all involved in order to reach the optimum outcomes

Fun - lots of it and laughter, LAF: life's about fun and thriving

Enthusiasm - to enable and exceed BHC and client aspirations through refreshing outcomes and insights (ROI) always

Creativity - to think out of the box and make sense of the unknown in order to create something unique and even better

Wellbeing - foundation stone of BHC feeding work-life balance of mind, body and soul and adjusted frequently to ensure optimal levels are continually maintained