Lisa Blackshaw Howell

September 27, 2023

Project Disruption

Why Disrupt 

Why normal change Fails

There are many reasons why change / transformation fails to come about to advance a team and a business. Often the top reasons come from the leaders resisting change. 

The Benefits of Disruption

  • The creation or clarification of a shared vision and need for change and transformation that is shared and really sponsored by leaders
  • Creating an environment where transformative, collaborative, and shared vision can take place

Why Use a Disruption Approach

The main aim is to unearth those who don’t want to change, leaders who see only problems in changing, those who are fearful for whatever reason. Enabling the group to work towards opportunities as leaders, not avoid different ways of working and possible opportunities by continuing ‘Groupthink’ and doing what they’ve always done etc.

In other words, learning to disrupt current leadership styles to pivot appropriately by stretching and supporting each other’s is what Disruption does … and guess what … it works. 

This in turn allows leadership styles and approaches to evolve in teams and be stepped up into those required to flexibly operate in volatile, uncertain, and ever-changing times now and ahead. 

This approach tackles what’s in the room in live time and is powerful leaving nowhere to hide with the coaches there to facilitate and develop insights, awareness and progression against the ‘issue’ that requires disruption.  The 121-session’s in-between allow support and stretch to continue to maximise Disruption success

What the Elements of the Model Mean

Uncertainty – some leaders are less resilient than others. Disruption unearths fears around uncertainty and introduced techniques and tools to step up and shine during continual uncertain and chaotic world-wide business environments and pressures 

Adversity – sometimes skills don’t exist or self-limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome fester. Disruption surfaces these, agrees techniques to manage these so that adversity doesn’t hold back momentum and success for the team and organization to harness potential

Inertia – group think and lack of desire to think outside the box, remain in the status quo are exposed to enable all to create a shared need and vision nd the desire to unfreeze the current state in order to mobilise commitments to move forward to a desired state

Opportunity Avoidance – all the above sabotage organisational progression, working to individual and collective potentials and can damage seeing the opportunities. Disruption enables Opportunities to be abundantly harnessed where no idea is a bad idea, it is embraced to ensure success if maximized to everyone’s collective benefit and the organisation grows and develops and is pivoted to disrupt and individuals to thrive constantly 

Why Talk To Us

Because no one else is doing this. There is a new science of leadership that we have researched and understood throughout and emerging from the Covid years through our pivot2thrive insights. The time is now to Disrupt with your leaders, it starts with your business problem and issue of the day, it drives disruption through working with your leaders to pivot to thrive through this innovative and business changing initiative. Be what you envision for your business, with your teams and you people and lead the way. 

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