‘When it comes to helping people find fulfilment in their work, there is nothing more important than teamwork. It gives people a sense of connection and belonging, which ultimately makes them better parents, siblings, friends, and neighbours.’

Patrick Lencioni


Teams to us are key for organising work and have the potential to be high performing, develop the future and live the culture you desire in today’s uncertain, competitive and agile corporate world. Importantly teamwork is an essential tool of employee motivation. We facilitate team events and development by creating captivating atmospheres that encouraging co-operation, teamwork, interdependence and building trust among team members to achieve the best success, together.

At BHC we use multiple models, tools, techniques, and venues to bespoke team development experiences that are powerful, fun and uniquely yours. They enhance performance and morale to incrementally develop your desired culture through your biggest asset – your people.

Team development approach
(Adapted from Lencioni)


At the heart of everything we do with your teams we build on the foundation stone that must be in place to leverage the greatest success – Trust.

Whether you lead a small team within a company or are simply a member of a team that could use some improvements BHC can support you.

We can work remotely, at your premises, at a venue of your choice or have suggestions across the UK and internationally to meet your specific requirements.

Example Facilitated Team Development Options:

  • Senior leadership development events
  • Peer coaching
  • Change workshops
  • Team away days / weeks
  • Team values development events
  • Transformation kick start events
  • Motivation and resilience builders
  • Creative Innovation team events

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