Lisa Blackshaw Howell

July 27, 2020

Leadership like never before : Unlock your team’s infinite potential 

Is your mind as a leader currently always on the go, it needs continued sharpening before, during and after use, not just constant blunting until it breaks? This in turns affects the wider team, which in turn impacts the overall culture which ultimately and over time hurts the brand, not to mention wellbeing of many in the mix.  

In times of uncertainty, the need to keep our leadership and team minds in ship shape condition and is even more important. It is easy to let our mind slip (back) into bad, easy habits of cutting corners, not performing to our best, and worst of all, it can get lost in the myriad of bad / fake / negative news around us. The cumulative effect is fatigue, loneliness, underperformance, stress and even depression. It becomes imperative, therefore, for leaders to ensure employees (and themselves) continue to give themselves to be supported professionally and psychologically, have opportunities to learn, engage and share with an objective other party in order to sharpen their metal, their state of mind and are ready to pivot 2 thrive, not just survive as they come out of coronavirus in an agile and resilient way (and which may happen more than once). 

Covid-19 has exposed many ‘tissue-paper’ approaches to business continuity and while for many this could mean doom and gloom; it can well be a great opportunity to unlock your team’s potential during and coming out of an actual lockdown. 

BHC view is that if you have people at the heart of your business model, then people should be at the heart of your business continuity strategy

Lisa and the BHC team worked through the 2008 financial crisis with business leaders, organisations and transformational change of many individuals and can guide you and your teams through this current rather large and uncertain storm. We look forward to discussing your bespoke and unique needs soon in order for us to support you to weatherproof yourself and those who look to you together.

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